Police return – perhaps

PCSOs ticketing illegally parked cars in Rope Walk

The sight of police ticketing illegally parked cars in Rye is comparatively rare these days. However all that might be about to change.

The two  officers shown above in Rope Walk on market day this week (October 10) could be joined by up to 100 additional colleagues, spread over the county by March next year.

This is due to funding resulting from the increased policing precept proposed by Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne and which will provide for 100 additional PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) and has allowed, say Sussex Police, “for a re-assessment of plans to enhance local policing.”

The new way of working will give every PCSO responsibility for a defined geographic area – based on ward and electoral boundaries – and every community in Sussex will have a named PCSO over the coming months.

Sussex Police go on to say, “PCSOs working to dedicated areas will mean greater visible policing across every part of Sussex while continuing to form part of wider local prevention teams, ensuring finite police resources are focused on the most critical issues.”

The roll out will start from November 4 but don’t hold your breath, it could be a few months yet before Rye once again sees its own dedicated officer regularly around the town.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


  1. Great news for Rye
    I only hope that the PSCO will appointed from local people.
    We need this sooner rather than later.
    I for one will look forward to having a local Bobby
    Pounding the streets of rye.


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