Refreshed uniform for College

The new look for College sports kit

To coincide with National Secondary School Offers Day on Monday, March 2, Rye College proudly announced this week their refreshed uniform for new students joining in September.

Students model the updated uniform

The stylish new look keeps the classic black blazer worn at present but incorporates the school logo with detail from the Seal of Rye alongside recently adopted colours of “Peacocke” blue, ivory and red.

The sports kit remains in a bold red and also makes striking use of the school logo.

Uniform can be a costly item for many families so the college has worked with suppliers to make sure this version of the uniform costs no more than it should. Teachers have also listened to the views of students and families to make sure it meets the needs of all stakeholders.

To make this work, branded items have been kept to a minimum and high-street uniform can be bought as cost effective alternatives to non-branded items. Families should see a reduction in costs, particularly when paying for what are traditionally the most expensive items such as the blazer.

Head of School, Mr Dom Downes, said:
“The launch of our refreshed uniform is an exciting moment for the college – our new ‘Peacocke’ branding reflects the long history and traditions of the school whilst signifying our optimism for a bright future. We look forward to welcoming an increased number of students to the college in the next academic year – taking advantage of new facilities and improved educational offer.”

Whilst new students will be expected to wear the refreshed uniform straight away, existing students will transition over to new items as their grow out of their current pieces whilst older students may wear their purple uniform for the rest of their time at the college.

Source: Rye College

Image Credits: Aquinas Trust .


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