Romney sheep judged best

Sheep from Langrishe Farms

The Ashford Livestock Show summer competition was held recently and the judges awarded first place for the best sheep flock, with their flock of Romneys, to Larry Cooke and his two sons, Michael and Joe, from Moneypenny Farm, East Guldeford.

A winning ewe and her lamb

Langrishe farmers were placed second, also with a flock of Romney sheep.

The Romney is a relatively big sheep with ewes up to 85kg and rams up to 110kg. With a heavy long woolled fleece the Romney is one of the best of the British wool sheep.

Their wool is suitable for the manufacture of cloths, blankets, knitting yarns, felt and carpets. Their lambs have an excellent quality carcass and you can buy local Romney lamb at Rye Butchers and Salts Farm Shop.

The sheep industries of New Zealand and many other countries had their origin in the Romney breed of sheep often referred to as the best known sheep in the world.

Image Credits: Dennis Leeds-George .


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