Marshals needed for Jazz Fest

Monitoring traffic to allow for street performances - one of many marshal's duties

Rye is very lucky to have its own International Jazz and Blues Festival which, over the eight years it has been running has grown tremendously and attracts thousands of additional visitors.

Many local businesses profit very well from all the hard work which goes on behind the scenes. Pubs, cafes, hotels, bars, restaurants, car parks, gift shops, visitor attractions, galleries, antique shops, taxis and most retail outlets benefit from the extra trade the festival creates.

Managing the festival is not without its challenges, there exists a small army of supporters who make it all possible. These special people give freely of their time to volunteer, not only because they want to, but they believe in the Jazz Festival and want to help to make it even more successful than it is already.

Most of the volunteer team is in place but more help is needed this year as there are so many more events during the August bank holiday weekend and these need managing.

As well as the main headline concerts at St Mary’s church there is free music at the Kino stage with live concerts throughout the whole weekend. The Harvey’s dray and horses will be touring the town with marching band, music workshops, fringe music events at a host of additional venues and another new dimension this year, five  street pianos.

Health and safety are important issues which have been considered carefully and as well as making sure the visitors have a memorable and really enjoyable experience their safety is at the very top of the agenda.

Extra marshals are needed this year to bolster the existing team – roles include visitor and vehicle management, road closures, programme distribution, visitor liaison, bag checking, mini bus shuttle service, moving of equipment and artists, rubbish collecting and general duties.

All helpers are fed and watered and get the opportunity to take part in what has become one of the most successful boutique Jazz and Blues Festivals in the UK.

If you are available to help and can commit to working some or all of the bank holiday weekend, August 24 to 26 please email Nick Forman on

Image Credits: John Minter .


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