Rye Hill shuts down

On Tuesday night (March 31) the roadworks move over this bridge toward Rye and Rye Hill is closed for two weeks from April 1

Gas network company SGN has announced that the roadworks in Military Road will be completed on Tuesday, March 31, after only a week – they were expected to take two weeks.

The roadworks will then move downhill and over the railway bridge to Bridge Place.

Rye Hill will then be closed to traffic going in to and out of Rye from Wednesday, April 1 for two weeks.

The email to Paul Osborne on Monday afternoon did not mention what effect this will have on bus services using Rye Hill.

However the roadworks will apparently still permit vehicles to turn right into Fishmarket Road from the Landgate.

A drawing showing the precise location of the roadworks can be seen on Rye Town Council’s website.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


  1. As at 8.30 this morning Wednesday Rye Hill was still open to traffic and Military Road was still closed. But the road works in Military Road appeared to be complete though the safety fences and contractors’ equipment and materials were still in place.
    No single decker buses going to either Tenterden and Northiam could be seen however in Station Approach and it seemed likely that roadworks could be moving shortly

  2. Locals seem to using Deadman’s Lane as 2 way traffic , it’s not. Not sure the NHS needs self inflicted traffic accidents at this time

  3. That’s much too easy. It will take Time, but save 14 mil3s of driving to get back to Rye Foreign.

    There is no common sense, I guess the decision makers live in Hastings or other parts other than rye.

  4. When you cut off a large number of households from their main local sources of essential supplies during a crisis – who would have thought it? We are truly, top to bottom. led by donkeys.

  5. On our exercise outing yesterday evening, we walked across the bridge. Works had ceased and the site was deserted. No work had been carried out on the carriageway across the bridge. It would have been easy to remove the temporary barriers and signs, so that the traffic could flow at night. Why not? Again, it would have been easy to reinstate the barriers and signs in the morning, before work started again.
    We witnessed a car exit Deadmans Lane onto Rye Hill!!!!!!!!


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