Rye + podcast = Ryecast

Ryecast is coming to town.

Rye News is moving through a period of change: times have changed dramatically and Rye News must change with the times. Like it or not, social media features prominently in our everyday lives, something we are all learning to live with. It’s not going away and, as communication is fundamental to our business, Rye News is delighted to be able to support an exciting new initiative.

Rye is to get its own podcast. Ryecast will look back at significant moments in Rye’s history and celebrate life in the town today. Rye resident and former BBC journalist, James Stewart, is hosting and editing Ryecast and confirms that the first episode will be available next month.

Rye is full of people with a story to tell – and that’s what Ryecast is all about. I’ve lived here for just over a year but have been visiting Rye for decades, and I’ve always been fascinated by the town’s history and characters. In each 20 to 30-minute episode, I’ll be featuring people who’ve made a difference to the town and finding out why they think Rye is so special.

I’ll be bringing together lifetime Ryers and DFLs (Down from Londoners) in conversation, as well as getting to know the people who make Rye tick. I’ll have episodes on the things Rye is famous for, as well the stuff we rely on every day. And whilst the focus will be Rye and its residents, I’ll also be talking to some of the thousands who visit each year to find out why they love Rye too.

Ryecast creator, James Stewart

Call for stories

I’ve worked in radio and TV for over thirty years – from local radio to huge events like Children In Need or Comic Relief – but I’m happiest out recording real life stories face-to- face. I’ve just started gathering and editing material and will publish the first episode online next month. You will be able to download Ryecast where you usually get your podcasts, but there will also be a dedicated website where you can hear it too.

I’ll be working closely with colleagues at Rye News on story ideas, plus Ryecast will be another way Rye News readers can be part of the debate about life in the town. If you’ve a suggestion about who or what to feature, want to discuss sponsorship, or would like to get involved in recording material, please get in touch by email RyecastSussex@gmail.com or message @Ryecastsussex on Twitter.

Image Credits: James Stewart .


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