Southern’s summer hold up


The winter train timetables change in May to a summer timetable. It said so five months ago on the front of the “Winter Train Times” published in January. But station staff at Rye did not know how the timetable had changed, when I asked on my way to London. Neither did they have any of the new timetables, writes Charles Harkness, but they have cleared out all the old timetables in case they are wrong. So the shelves are empty, but they have been told new timetables will be available at the end of the month or early June. In the meantime only Stagecoach’s bus timetables for a bus that does not stop in Rye are available at the station and there is no sign of any Renown bus service information. However there are Renown and Stagecoach timetables at the actual bus stops now, replacing the temporary summaries put up by Councillor Pat Hughes of Rye Community Transport.