Support for food bank grows

Debbie Curd delivering donations from Rye Harbour, Iden Stores and Jempson's

Demand on Rye food bank has increased four fold since March, but this demand has been matched by a similar increase in donations from the local community.

Food bank treasurer Janet Sherwood writes: “I am receiving a wonderful number of donations to the food bank, lots direct to our bank account and cash in envelopes.  Unfortunately, as most of these are anonymous, I am unable to thank them personally so would ask Rye News to publish our appreciation.  We want everyone who has donated to know how much we appreciate these marvellous donations.”

Janet tells us that for the financial year 2019/2010 the food bank received £6,976.82 in donations.  Since lockdown  donations amount to £7,207.  A fantastic response from our local community.  In less than two months the food bank has received more than for the whole of the last financial year.  This is an amazing response and an encouraging reflection of our local community.

The food bank purchases 85% of the food that is delivered to those in need.  Donated food is very much appreciated but generally amounts to only 15% of the food distributed.

To everyone who has donated, no matter how large or small, thank you!

At present it costs about £1,000 per week to run Rye food bank and keep it stocked with all basic necessities.  We need to ensure we can continue to meet the current demand so please do keep your donations coming.

This week we had 61 orders for emergency food.  We have distributed about two tonnes of food to 105 adults and 90 children.

Open for donations only

Items we are short of for next week are tinned fruit, carrots, peas, and dry rice. If you can help us with these items that would be so appreciated. Donations of non-perishable, in-date tinned food can be received at the back of the Baptist Church in Cinque Ports Street on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am until about 3pm.

We would also appreciate household goods which we have in short supply

Donations can be sent to the Rye Branch of Bexhill Food Bank at Barclays bank, sort code 20-54-25, account number 83501116, the Jempson Foundation or cheques to Rye Food Bank c/o 24 North Salts, Rye.

Image Credits: Mags Ivatts .


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