Teacher Training Centre arrives


In September 2019, Bromley Schools’ Collegiate will be opening their new training centre in partnership with the Aquinas Trust at the old Trust offices on the Rye College site. From this location, local graduates will be able to train to become Primary or Secondary Teachers with the intention they will then take up their first teaching posts in local schools.

….that enables pupils to learn and succeed.

Bromley Schools’ Collegiate (BSC) has trained more than 1,600 teachers in South East London since its establishment in 1993. The collegiate is a ‘School Centred Initial Teacher Training’ (SCITT) provider, whereby trainee teachers spend four days each week in placement schools, learning from experienced teachers about how to teach. This means trainees have a very well-developed understanding of what works in the classroom, supported by the theories and latest educational research that enables pupils to learn and succeed.

Every Monday, trainees will be in central training using the new training suite, being taught by the best teachers drawn from local schools – so new teachers will have a detailed understanding of the challenges and benefits of working in local schools.

….make a real difference to the life chances of local children

The benefits of this approach are explained by Derek Boyle, SCITT Director at Bromley Schools’ Collegiate: “Through working with local schools, we train teachers for a fulfilling career by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, confidence and competence to make a real difference to the life chances of local children.”

Partnerships have been developed with St. Richard’s Catholic College in Bexhill and Beacon Academy in Crowborough as well as local Primary schools to add further capacity to meet the expected demand for places on the training programme.

The collegiate also provides training opportunities for qualified teachers to further develop their teaching practice as well as offering a route for unqualified teachers or instructors to gain Qualified Teacher Status in three months through an ‘Assessment Only Route’.

Bromley Schools’ Collegiate works with individual schools as well as Multi-Academy Trusts to develop workforce solutions to help ensure every pupil has a confident, competent and qualified teacher in front of them.

Source: Bromley Schools Collegiate

Image Credits: Bromley Schools Collegiate .


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