The making of the mayor

The new mayor, Councillor Andi Rivett

Mayor making took place on Monday, May 2 for the first time since 2019. Dignitaries and invited guests attended the ceremony in the town hall to witness the installation of Councillor Andi Rivett as the new mayor of Rye.

Swearing the oath of office in the traditional form, he undertook to serve the commonalty of Rye without fear or favour. Then came the nomination for deputy mayor. Councillor Michael Boyd proposed Councillor Andy Stuart, who was duly appointed, necessitating another adjournment for robing up, signalled by town sergeant Paul Goring and his fellow mace bearer, David Paine. These were later re-elected in their turn along with the mayor’s chaplain, Revd Paul White and the mayor’s cadets for 2022-2023, Lara Botley and Bradley Williams. All was conducted with the greatest solemnity, relieved by little touches of humour such as the passing of the 1951 new-minted pennies back and forth into the safe-keeping of the new mayor.

Then there was the procession to the civic service in St Mary’s church. Following prayers and hymns, and the rousing anthems of Jerusalem and “God save the Queen,” the service concluded and the mayoral party returned to the town hall for refreshment and toasts to the Queen, to the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and the Antient Town of Rye.

It was time now for the ceremony of throwing the pennies, no longer heated as in former times. An eager crowd of children had assembled with a goodly group of adults in the street below. The excitement was palpable as the pennies rained down and were caught or picked up by the scrabbling youngsters, some with plastic bags to catch the bright copper coins,  The event was rounded off as the crowd dispersed by the lively percussion of Ryebellion drummers with their rhythmic sounds parading down to Cinque Ports Street.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


  1. Well Done Andi !

    Here’s to two fantastic Covid-Free years !

    It’s nice to see some Northern Soul brought into the “Sussex by the Sea” Communities and Commonalities.

    Can we have a street party ?

    And can we plan something for the 450th Anniversary of the visit of Queen Elizabeth the First, in 2023 ? QE1 bestowed the name “Rye Royal” on the Town – can we use this (sub)Branding openly and market the Town quietly and succinctly to our targeted Demographic ?

    Hip Hip Rye Bay !

    Hip Hip Rye Bay !

    Hip Hip Rye Bay !

    Rivett for Mayor !!!

    • Jonathan – celebrating the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth I’s visit is a great idea! I will certainly do a Cry to mark the occasion, maybe we can work that up into a bigger event!

    • The idea of commemorating Queen Elizabeth’s visit is a good one, on the consideration list for Rye Heritage Centre now, not sure that re-adopting the Royal prefix is “ reading the room” right now though, sadly

    • Mr Dellar, what’s the ‘targeted demographic’ in your view? By implication – by suggesting looking backwards to the Queen’s visit decades ago, and re-adopting the long defunct “Rye Royal” term – you seem to be suggesting the older, more Conservative generation. Looking at the businesses actually opening and thriving in Rye today, I don’t think that’s what they’re targeting.

  2. I think the appendage ‘Royal’ can only be used by a town (or borough) if there are letters patent issued by the monarch. I don’t think such a document exists for Rye and so it would be inappropriate to unilaterally adopt it.
    One has to wonder why Rye dropped the suffix ‘Royal’ centuries ago. Possibly because it had no right to use it?


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