There’s a coach coming in

'Rainbow Pete' providing live entertainment for shoppers at Rye's weekly market whilst raising money for charity.

Whilst wandering through the market on Thursday October 1, there were a few noticeable changes. There seemed to be fewer stall holders overall which allowed the market to be condensed into the rear half of the carpark, enabling more vehicles to park in the front half. I don’t know if this arrangement was by design or by default but it seemed to work for everyone, including motorists.

There was the usual selection of stall holders and traders and even at 10am there were a good number of visitors already assembled. Coaches haven’t been seen for months but that day there were at least six parked up with more arriving by the time I’d left the market at about 10:30am. Visitors spend money and the stall holders were going to be rewarded for being there this week, good things come to those who wait.

They’re back! Coaches mean tourists, they spend money and keep the traders in business.

The sound of Jim Reeves echoed around the market, shoppers of a certain age were humming along as they moved from stall to stall. Masks were everywhere but social distancing was still a challenge.

For those who preferred live music, “Rainbow Pete” was there to entertain every one, a one man band singing a range of classic songs which was appreciated by passers by. Pete is raising money for FareShare and for every coin deposited you get a thank you honk from his “smile generator”. Well done Pete, thanks for all you are doing.

The market was a little different this week but there was a definite buzz around the stalls, it was busy and getting busier as more coaches arrived. You could buy anything from sausages to silk scarves and anything in between. Thanks go out to all the stall holders who make the effort to be there each week, without them Thursday mornings in Rye would be a very different story.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


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