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On ceremonial duty. A former Mayor flanked by councillors and Rye's MP at a past Remembrance Day Service

The candidates have now been announced for the local elections on May 2 Those running for Rye Town Council are as follows:

David Ampthill (Lord Ampthill, retiring RDC councillor for Rye)
David Bookless (Labour Party, Chairman Rye Conservation Society)
Michael Boyd (current mayor)
John Breeds (Independent, former mayor)
Jonathan Breeds (Independent, former mayor)
Cheryl Creaser (Labour Party)
Rebekah Gilbert (current deputy mayor)
Chris Hoggart (Independent)
Patricia Hughes (runs Rye Community Transport)
Jo Kirkham (Independent, former mayor)
Sue Learoyd Smith (Labour Party)
Ian Potter (Independent)
Andi Rivett
Shaun Rogers (Independent, former mayor)
Sam Souster (Labour Party, former mayor)
Andrew Stuart
Sam Wood (Independent)

There are 17 candidates for 16 places on the town council. As things stand an election would be needed, for which the town would need to pay, to decide who was the least popular candidate. If, however, one candidate decided not to stand, then no election would be needed and the town would be spared that cost.

Where they have been declared, the political affiliations are shown. It is, however, only the Labour Party that insists its members stand as Labour candidates. Whether party politics is appropriate at town or parish level is a discussion perhaps for another article.

Candidates standing for Rother District Council (RDC) are:

Cheryl Creaser (Labour Party)
Ruth Green (UKIP, resides in Bexhill)
Chris Hoggart (Independent)
Jonathan Lee (Labour Party)
Howard Norton (Liberal Democrat Party)
Gennette Stevens (Conservative Party and current RDC councillor)
Jayne Stevens (Conservative Party)

Over the next few weeks Rye News will be contacting all the candidates to find out how they each propose to contribute to the community during their period of office, if elected.

Image Credits: Rye News library .


  1. I would just like to take this time and let you and your readers know that I have no political affiliation and would be classed as an independent.
    If anyone wishes to discuss any issues with me please email or call, my details can be found on RTC web site.

  2. It is very sad that yet again so few people are willing to stand for Town and Parish Councils. Out of 42 such bodies in Rother there are elections in only 4 of them with Rye being one. In many cases Parish Councils are not even getting their full quota of places being filled.
    This is hardly surprising when there is very little incentive for people to volunteer. We were advised this year that all nominations had to be handed in personally at Bexhill Town Hall during their office hours for checking and candidates were even asked to make appointments. Postal nominations were not allowed and this time around more paperwork was being demanded.
    For people in this part of Rother, this has also meant a 45 mile round trip to Bexhill plus cost of parking. For those working people, particularly the self-employed, time they cannot afford to lose
    This is all hardly an encouragement for ensuring Councils are composed of a good cross section of their villages. I would suggest that there are very few candidates under 40
    Your article seems to suggest that one candidate in Rye should now step aside to save the cost of an election. Frankly, Rye should be very glad that at least there are 17 people willing to serve their Town- a great pity there are not more.

  3. Similarly with me. I am not a member of any political party and am therefore independent. As a current Rye Town Councillor my details can also be found on the RTC website.

  4. I completely agree with Michael Miller regarding the article suggests a candidate stands down to save the town money.
    Do the editors of Rye news have someone in mind.
    With respect, we are suggesting nothing of the sort, but merely explaining the situation. Editor

  5. I find it interesting that Rye News should decide to put its own description against the names of candidates who had not included one on their nomination form (for Rye Town Council David Ampthill, Michael Boyd, Rebekah Gilbert, Andi Rivett, Shaun Rogers, Andrew Stuart and myself). I personally have no political affiliations and as a current Rye Town Councillor my details can be found on the RTC website.

  6. I want to know where the independent affiliations lie concerning Brexit if you not support Leave means Leave then I cannot and will not vote for you I’m certainly not voting Conservatives or Labour absolutely disgusted with both so if any can inform me and my family and I dare say hundreds of others that would be a start !


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