Want to be a lifeguard?

Some of the team at Camber last year

It can be your reality. This is your chance to make a difference this year and save lives. Preparations are being made to recruit a fit, enthusiastic team of lifeguards to patrol the beaches in Camber, Hastings and Bexhill, East Sussex.

RNLI lifeguards began patrolling beaches in 2001 and are now an essential part of the seamless rescue service from beach to open sea. In 2017 they responded to 15,500 incidents and helped more than 24,000 people.

RNLI beach vehicles await the start of the season at a local police station

Unlike many jobs, every shift is different depending upon the tides, the weather and how busy the beach is. Lifeguarding opens plenty of doors for professional development no matter what career you aspire to. Throughout your time as a lifeguard you will undergo an intensive training programme to build the skills needed to be competent and to ensure that people on the beach are safe, ultimately perhaps saving lives. The salary is dependent upon your role and can range from £9 to £13.47 an hour. Typically it is a 40-hour week with flexibility around work and family commitments.

A good lifeguard rarely gets wet because 95% of their work is preventative. This enables them to effectively save lives by teaching families and individuals how to respect the water, to understand the tide times and knowing how to get help quickly.

Alex, a lifeguard at Camber, when asked last season what makes a good lifeguard said: “Holding to RNLI values and being active and fit are expected but what is really important is to be approachable and outgoing.”

So if this is your dream job contact HastingsSupportCentre@rnli.org.uk.

Or apply on line at summerjobs.rnli.org/become-a-lifeguard.

Let your dream become a reality and make a difference.

Image Credits: kt Bruce , John Minter .


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