Western Road or Baker Street?


Peasmarsh was the birthplace of the well known local supermarket chain Jempsons. That was back in 1935 when George Thomas Jempson acquired the first bakery shop and today, they have grown to be one of the largest family owned supermarkets in the United Kingdom. Their Peasmarsh bakery now produces 20 different varieties of bread and thousands of loaves each week, made daily and distributed throughout their ever increasing numer of outlets.

Talking of which, perhaps Western Road in Bexhill should be renamed Baker Street as Jempsons now have not one but two outlets in the same street. The former Co-op supermarket was acquired recently and following extensive refurbishment, opened on July 1 as Jempsons Local at 22-26 Western Road, it’s  the seventh store in East Sussex.

Jempsons Local has just opened in Western Road, Bexhill

The 4,500 square foot retail space offers customers locally sourced products including meat, market-garden produce and confectionery, an ATM is an extra advantage and the majority of staff are former Co-op employees working with additional new recruits.

Just along the road at No 9 Western Road, (their second Bexhill shop) is Jempsons Cafe which complements their existing network of similar outlets serving hot and cold drinks, confectionary and bakery ranges from their own in house bakery in Peasmarsh.

For shoppers who join the company’s SavaClub scheme, Jempsons offers its members additional discounts and as an extra bonus has just issued four, £5 off vouchers totalling £20 for weekly purchases in excess of £30 for the month of August.

Their expansion also includes their highly successful green initiative, namely the zero waste refill hub where shoppers reuse their containers and refill with nuts, seeds, oat milk, coffee, oils and vinegars. Click and collect is also now available and the Peasmarsh superstore is having a much needed refit. It’s all happening for Jempsons this year, more detail is available in their regular “Talking Shop” leaflet which makes interesting reading.

This is yet another local business riding the storm and expanding, despite difficult trading conditions and another positive success story proving once again that the light at the end of the tunnel is not only there but getting brighter all the time.

Image Credits: Instagram , Jempsons .

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  1. Hello Robert, thanks for your interest but no, it’s not an advertorial. I write regularly about local businesses (amongst other things), and many are expanding or opening and I think it’s worth mentioning. With all the negativity around at the moment, positive articles featuring our shops, businesses and tourists are of interest to our readers. Nobody asks me to write the articles, I look for the story then put something together.

  2. Well said Mr Dalton
    Well nick what a good avert for Jempson.
    Why are you advertising for Jempson this shop is in Bexhill not Rye,
    You say you write regular about local business many are expanding or opening, There’s never been a news coverage on the closure of Tilling Green Mace newsagent shop making way for the shop next to be enlarge.
    This shop is Premier – Tilling Green Convenient store sells almost everything you want including a Hermes service. opens Early and Closes late 7 Days a week for their customers.
    This shop was refurbished several months ago
    Sorry if this is an advert
    But no different then yours.
    Vic v

  3. Also no news of Tony Bowles carpet shutting in Ferry Road or the so called diner on the Strand next to the heritage centre, unless of course I’ve missed it.

  4. Hello Vic, Im pleased you liked the article, its pupose was to highlight how well a local business is doing despite the pandemic, you may have noticed i adopted the same ‘theme’ for Knoops and Wideye recently in Rye News.This week I also featured the new osteopath in Tower Street, I chose to write about it because i thought our readers would be interested. Non of these businesses asked me to write about them and non of them were advertorials and like Jempsons, their expansion isn’t restricted to Rye.
    Ironically, at our Rye News editorial meeting this Saturday gone, we discussed the changes at the Tilling Green shops (which was the first I had heard of it) and you will shortly see an article appearing about them. Thanks for filling in some of the detail and for taking the time to write your comment, yours is not an advert either, it’s local news which is important to you and should be shared. Local news stories are always welcome, please keep sending them to info@ryenews.org.uk and when it reaches the in box it will be passed to one of the Rye News volunteer contributors who will do something about it or, you could write the article yourself and send it in for publication.

  5. Thanks for clarifying things Nick. I still think there’s a problem here though (or at the very least an issue). If RN (which I assume strives to be independent and impartial) invites and publishes pieces which look like advertorials (although I unreservedly accept your explanation that they are not) then, for example, what is to stop me submitting an article about my wife’s business or even my own business (although I’m sure no-one would want to read the latter) that would be a full-on blatant ad? Surely it would become a race to the bottom with various businesses in various sectors all competing with each other to tell their own “story” . I really don’t mean this to sound churlish (as I appreciate the weekly efforts of RN’s contributors) but I do think it needs to be a level playing field.


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