Which is better – rain or noise?

Not a noise generator in site.

Saturday morning (two weeks ago) in Rye. Weather forecast for the town, cold and wet. Selfishly, I now prefer the rain. Sunshine brings lots of noise to Rye, and particularly Strand Quay, and today peace reigns supreme. Bring it on!

[Editor’s note: This was held over last week because it got overtaken by the Conservation Society’s complaint about bike noise to the Transport Secretary of State. It is however an opportunity to draw attention to another group of visitors who can be much quieter – the boating (or yachting) fraternity.

The temporary arrangements in the car park (shown in the photo by the car park entrance) are apparently for their benefit as the Environment Agency gives a facelift to their harbourside “home” alongside the Strand Quay loos – assuming anyone sails in during the pandemic]

Image Credits: Tony Roi .


  1. Living on the A268 in Rye Foreign I could not agree more. We dread warm sunny weekends, as the road becomes a race track for motorbikes. The national speed limit is 60 mph but they come past easily doing seventy or eighty plus.


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