Wild flowers take seed


Rother District Council’s (RDC) Executive Director is expected to recommend the transfer of a section of the Salts so it can be turned into a wild flower meadow.

If RDC Cabinet approve the transfer at its meeting on Monday November 4, it will hand on a 25 year lease to Rye Amenity CIC, the organisation which also manages Rye’s two allotment sites on South Undercliff and Love Lane.

The site of the wild flower meadow if RDC approve the plans

The transfer follows a consultation with local residents earlier in the year – which drew criticism for some quarters. One Rye resident complained in writing to RDC saying, “Democratic process requires that the citizens of Rye are properly consulted upon the use to which the Salts are put and the manner in which they are maintained,” and they went onto say, “I have great respect for the integrity and enthusiasm of the present members of the Rye Amenity CIC, but the guarantee of future good management cannot be assured.”

Additional objections were submitted by the Rye Conservation Society, who said, “We have grave concerns as to the practicality and suitability of the proposal” and listed seven areas of concern including that the wild flower meadow would look inappropriate and visitors will wonder why it hasn’t been cut.

RDC have stressed that it has have carried out the necessary legal procedures and have  considered all the objections that were submitted. RDC said, “In terms of objections, these can largely be dealt with in the lease between the Council and Rye Amenity CIC.”

You can read RDC’s full report on the transfer of ownership of a section of the Salts here.

Image Credits: Pixabay https://pixabay.com/photos/poppy-alpine-cornflower-3441348/, Rother District Council .


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