A few questions

A car inconsiderately parked on the pavement and in front of a post box

Lawrence Wilson sent in the photos above and below with a few questions.

Who are the people who park this way, and why do they feel entitled to do so? And why have these vehicles not been ticketed?

To which I, as Editor, replied: If my experience of many years in London is typical you don’t see much of the wardens until every place has meters or permits. Otherwise they don’t bother unless there’s an accident or death and then it’s usually the police who turn up if it’s a criminal offence.

To which, Lawrence replied “all too true alas”.

So you are most likely to see wardens where there are meters or permits, because the county council has hired a private company to do the work and they will only be interested in areas that generate revenue.

In most areas therefore around the country, parking controls have slowly spread because people do not want to pay if they can avoid it, and permits have had to be introduced wherever people have garages and driveways, because the non-payers will park outside their houses and block their drives.

And the problem will get worse as public transport is allowed to deteriorate, and more households (apparently) seem to need (or want) more cars.

Cars parked on the paved area opposite the old Granary Club

Image Credits: Lawrence Wilson .


  1. Persistent parking on the deep area of pavement opposite the former Club Horizon was drawn to the attention of County’s Parking Team and a Civil Parking Enforcement Officer was sent over from Hastings within a matter of hours. The Team has undertaken to ensure that the area receives regular attention.

    • Good news. Thank you for this information. I have contacted the Sussex police in the past, but nothing ever seemed to happen—not a priority, which is understandable. Is there a name / contact information for this service? There are times when Military Road could use a visit from parking enforcement officer.

  2. I was in the High St last Tuesday waiting for my wife in Boots when I became aware of an elderly lady strugling to pay for parking at the nearby meter. She tried several times and was ‘timed out’ by the machine at least once. In the end she simply gave up saying she would park illegally and risk it. Some of these modern machines are too clever by half and simply confuse people. I prefer the simple type as in the Sheep Market car park.

    • This is just north of the railway bridge at the turn into Military Road, on the wide bit of pavement on the east side. One tends to see a lot of vehicles parked here on the double yellow lines, as well as across dropped kerbs and blocking drives and gates.

  3. At the junction of Military Road and Rye Hill. The pavement is quite wide here and often used for parking. As the article says, this is blocking a post box and, also, a gate, probably for accessing the railway embankment.

    Referring to Lawrence Wilson’s comment I believe Military Road is specifically outside the new parking regulations/enforcement as the “enforcers” only work where there are meters and paid for parking.


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