An ongoing unpleasantness

A young persons view - Erin Steer, year 10

Could dog owners who do not pick up their dog poo please make a new year resolution – to not leave it lying on the path, field or grass, or throw it somewhere, or hang it on trees.

This is a plea from people in Rye and localities around like Wittersham, Camber, Hastings’ Alexandra Park and no doubt other areas as someone unfortunate enough might step into it. A few years ago a couple of people tried to start a campaign to clean up the town and found a teacher in the Rye Academy who was interested. She asked a few children to draw what they see as the problem and came up with some interesting images.

Oliver Steer’s (year 7) plea

Unfortunately it was not taken up seriously and it fizzled out, but not because of the interested parties wanting to give up, and so here we are again.

Several recent messages from a local neighbourhood group ask the dog walkers to “Pick it up and do the right thing, respect the environment, find a dog waste bin and, if none are  around, take it home and dispose of it there appropriately. It’s your dog, your waste.”

One of the few bins at Strand Quay

The beach at Camber is a particular issue. One person reported that over a week nearly 70 poo bags were found – just dropped anywhere.

Whoever does that would surely not want to step into dog waste someone else left or for that matter pick a bag up from another dog. An answer might come back that there are not enough bins for dog waste and that is certainly true in Rye (one at Strand Quay, one at the end of Love Lane, and two at The Salts) but, if you cannot find one, it may be better to start a campaign for more, rather than continue to not take it home.

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


  1. You can put dog poo in any litter bin along as it’s wrapped. There’s plenty all around the town, so no excuse needed!

  2. I carry out regular beach cleans and always find washed up dog poo in bags. It’s bad enough stepping in dog poo that isn’t picked up but to my mind it is worse when it’s been picked up, coated in plastic and then abandoned, to be washed out to sea to add to the marine plastic disaster!
    Please, dog owners, pick it up, use biodegradable bags and stick it in a bin or take it home.

  3. Sarah and Kitty thank you for supporting my and other peoples plea. I dont have a dog but friends have and they do the responsible thing so it’s not a hard task to dispose it environmentally and people friendly


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