Barclays Bank closes

Barclays Bank at 30 High Street

The Rye branch of Barclays Bank closed on Friday May 10 at 12 noon. As a not-too-loyal customer who switched from Lloyds Bank last year when that closed, I hoped at least for a glass of sherry to mark the occasion but none was on offer.

One customer there who runs a business account for her farmer husband expressed her feelings about being forced to bank online. Paying of cheques was a facility which will be sorely missed. Not everyone welcomes the time spent queuing at the post office counter in Jempson’s. The only remaining cash point in the High Street will be at Nationwide which accepts other banks’ debit cards, but for how long will that remain free of charge?

Admittedly four High Street banks (five if we include Nationwide) was an anomaly for a small town like Rye, but to go to zero is a step too far.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


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