Deadmans Lane – a lost opportunity?

A walk on the narrow side: Deadmans Lane, Rye

The recent closure of Deadmans lane for emergency services work brought into sharp focus the traffic arrangements for accessing the town centre. Basically that if you wish to access from the main A259 coast road there are but two choices, via Deadmans Lane or via Wish Street. Coming from the north and wishing to get to the High Street with Deadmans Lane closed means a series of ever-decreasing circles via South Undercliff, Wish Street and Cinque Ports Street.

Given the importance and traffic volumes of Deadmans Lane, what a pity that while the closure was in place the opportunity of filling numerous potholes and resurfacing the lane was not taken up. On reopening, the same holes remained, now supplemented by the minimum filling of the new main laid in. Given the difficulty of access for maintenance of this busy road, it would be interesting to learn why the whole surface wasn’t replaced? A lost opportunity indeed.

Image Credits: Rye News library .


  1. How one must agree with John steadman’s, ,comments about Deadmans lane, one of Ryes busiest thoroughfares, one must also ask Councillors Ampthill, and Glazier what happened about the empty promises from them, over 12 months ago, to remove the unsightly and dangerous railings, from the perimeter of Mountfield place.

  2. We all agree about the importance of Deadman’s Lane. Re lost opportunities… It would have been so simple with the new development to take enough footage to provide a narrow pavement – just wide enough for a pedestrian. It is surprising how many pedestrians use the route for the same reasons cars do. Perhaps Lord Ampthill might be prevailed upon to not only remove the railing but generously provide a few feet of his land for a footpath?

  3. When we the DOYLES moved down from London 41 years ago it was for two reasons the price of property a lot cheaper , and the better education our four children had under Mr Fookes partly , since then the property prices have slightly encreased but the running of the Rye , and East Sussex CC has remained stagnant .
    Let’s have some fresh blood in the councils , all the bickering that goes on as having worked within the umbrella of ESCC believe you me , there is so much back slapping that goes on , you wouldn’t think it was possible .

  4. Deadmans Lane should not have to wait for ‘an opportunity’ . I was pro active in getting it made One Way having become a regular user several years ago when to my astonishment , people had to fight for the right of way to transit the lane. Ever since then and before it is regularly used by pedestrians who are brave enough to exercise their right to make traffic wait while they walk down the Lane. The ‘health and safety ‘ issues of the lane are obvious and one would expect the relevant authority to deal with it for fear of having to defend their position if a nasty accident happened . Let’s not wait any longer and get that pavement put in place and the potentially ‘killer’ iron work removed.
    Martin Grenfell

  5. I am suprised both councillors Ampthil and Glazier, are not responding to the letters of concern over this dangerous lane, as it was these two who promised to address this on going problem,over 12 months ago, and surely the decent thing would be to let one know, what is going on, because this problem, could lead to a serious accident,and then who is going to take the blame,if it should happen.

  6. Surely now is the time for a pavement to be put in place with all the earth moving equipment it would take to do the job actually on site now.

  7. A sign has appeared at the top of Deadman’s Lane saying it is to be closed from 29 July to 9 August – two whole working weeks, this is a huge inconvenience for those of us who live north of the town.
    Dare we hope that a footpath is finally going to be installed, does anyone know what’s going on?

  8. What again? Access to the town centre from the coast road already causes total confusion to visitors. and this is right in the middle of the busiest tourist season. They come up Rye Hill and are halfway to Peasmarsh when they realise that they have actually bypassed Rye – result, total confusion!

    This is a KEY entry point to Rye – one of only two. It isn’t a minor byway – although a stranger could be forgiven for thinking so. Any essential works undertaken should be carried out 24/7 to have them completed in the shortest possible time. If the road is being closed for 2 weeks without a very good reason, and I have trouble in thinking of one offhand, then some searching questions should be asked of those that gave authority before the closure takes effect.

  9. Yesterday was a classic example of why we need this access, market day, school holidays, hot weather – cars were piling up at Skinners roundabout. Without the option of Deadman’s Lane you can easily take half an hour to get into the town!

  10. I must admit that I passed the Rye Hill end of Deadman’s Lane late this afternoon and could not see any sign relating to closure as reported. Did I miss it, or has there been a change of decision?

  11. I have checked and sent a
    Reply to Rye news
    This closure was not notified to the County Council and has not been sanctioned

    • Wow, someone took it upon themselves to close a road into the town for a couple of weeks, without first getting permission? Rye is getting more like the Wild West every day!

  12. Interesting to read what Keith Glazier is saying, so if it’s to do with digging the high bank away,to make another entrance for a new build,surely that needs a planning application, coming out on a narrow lane, without a suitable path for pedestrians.

  13. Good to see that Keith Glazier is following, and acting upon, comments made here. I was amazed that planning was granted for more properties to be developed requiring road access onto Deadman’s Lane. How the occupants will cope when their 25% driveways are covered in ice in winter remains to be seen.


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