Road maintenance urgently needed

Yet another accident last year on the Camber Road

Following the East Guldeford Residents annual parish council meeting on May 14 2019 it became apparent that all those present has serious concerns about the state of the road which passes through the village. The nature of the once-quiet country lane has changed and is now not fit for purpose.

It poses a significant threat to residents and the increasing volume of visitors. It must be obvious to the Highways Agency that a number of issues need to be urgently addressed in order to ensure the safety of all those who use this road. Conditions have deteriorated in all areas including inadequate signing, dangerous pot holes and the use by heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) passing each other so close and causing serious damage to vehicles. The close proximity of uneven and hazardous verges is endangering all users, including cyclists, motorbikes, cars and HGVs.

There are several dangerous corners on the Camber road

The volume increases tenfold in the summer months.

Not only must motorists be warned of the approaching danger and the poor state of what is still a narrow country road, but action needs to be taken to ensure residents are turning safely off the road. It is not just a speed issue but all aspects of safety could be improved by the proper maintenance of visible verges as these are not clear. Motorists frequently misjudge the actual width of the space available.

Sharp and hazardous bends are not highlighted and lack of street lighting is going to exacerbate this situation. Priority must be given to dealing with what is an extremely dangerous journey not only from Rye Hill, down through the New Road, but also from the Brenzett roundabout through Brooklands extending for a further four miles to the holiday destination of Camber Sands.

A moment’s lack of concentration

There must be something within the budget which can be used before this year’s annual tourist pilgrimage gets under way.

Residents feel strongly that roads, verges, signage, lighting and road markings have been neglected and could and must be improved. An immediate traffic flow survey along these roads must be seen to be done in order to improve conditions. This is a priority in the minds of residents and road users who all wish to prevent this area and the annual onslaught of holiday traffic becoming a major accident zone.

Paul Osborne, Eastern Rother councillor, informed the meeting that Independent councillors with the support of the Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Greens would be forming the council. The residents raised concerned that with the council being run by Bexhill and Battle councillors, Rye district would have even less of say on council matters.

Image Credits: Kevin McCarthy , Rye News library .


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