More fast links to London needed

Southern have just announced that they have purchased hundreds of trains across all their lines. Guess how many extra carriages or trains the Marshlink is getting? Zero. This is especially insulting as they have purshased a number of our train carriages to make the diesels trains from Uckfield 10 carriages long. I am calling for Southern or SouthEastern to start to run an additional morning and evening peak service from Hastings – Rye – Ashford and then fast to Victoria (London Bridge and Charing Cross are too busy). If it is not possible to run a direct peak service due to space issues at the London stations, then off-peak direct services from London to Rye and Hastings or, ideally, both. We especially need a later train from London as the last service is 21.42.  I think we need a direct fast service that leaves after 23.00. If you agree, please forward this email to the links below.
Paul Barker
Broad Oak