Flu jabs thank you

Rye's Ferry Road Health Centre before Covid arrived - and life changed

I’d just like to say a thank you to the Ferry Road Health Centre for their efficiency on Saturday giving their patients the flu jab, fast, friendly and well organised meant that we were in and out in less than five minutes. There’s been lots of adverse publicity about GPs lately but they do seem to have their act together on this one.

Image Credits: K. Bird .


  1. Well said Tony, my wife and I were in and out in less than a minute all credit to all the people involved in the smooth operation

  2. I can endorse that view, at 0830 I was in and out, having seen 4 ladies who knew exactly what each was doing, in 2 minutes flat. The ‘injector’ made such a good job of her job that I felt nothing and had no reaction at all. If only they were involved in the Covid operation…

  3. Good to hear that Ferry road surgery is giving a good service re flu vaccination. I recall that the Rye medical centre were just as efficient when I went in 2019..and and quiet a few years before that. Last year had mine at the Day Lewis in the high st. so I think you will find flu vaccination are usually always very efficiently given especially if we all remember to be clothed with a garment that the arm can be quickly and easily uncovered to administer the vaccination..
    If we all take up the offer of the flu vaccine and wash our hands and wear masks in crowded places..we can all do our part in reducing the Flu and the possibility of sever illness and thousands of deaths.

  4. Staff at the Ferry Road Health Centre were delighted to receive this praise for the efficient running of their Flu Clinics. The Patient Participation Group (PPG) were also pleased to have been a part of the process at all 4 of the clinics, marshalling patients at both the entrance and exit to the Surgery. I wonder how many patients are aware of our group? PPGs were set up nationwide some years ago, to provide a liaison between GP Surgeries and their patients, with the aim of helping both.

    In normal years we would be holding our AGM this month, where any patient who was interested could attend and find out more about us. Sadly this is not the case this year, but we would be particularly keen to recruit some younger members, who could strengthen us in our work. Please phone our Chairman Tony Moore, on 01797 226245 or contact surgery reception if you might be interested.

  5. Shame Rye Medical Centre only seem to be offering jabs 2 days per month… not a lot of help when one us at work most days and now have to find a walk in centre.


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