Song of a leveller

Levelling up

Our satirist returns once more.

“I’m sure you’ve heard about it
It’s quite the latest wheeze
It’s our brand new special offer
And it’s guaranteed to please.

For all those disaffected voters
Who were feeling left behind
It’s an oven-ready remedy
The work of a mastermind.

Roll up, roll up for our new deal
We’re not selling you a pup
It’s got a really catchy name –
We’ve called it ‘Levelling Up’. ”

So how’s the master plan working
Is ‘Levelling Up’ on a winning streak?
Let’s take a look at the evidence
And offer a critique.

First, take the cost of heating
Are you paying less for gas?
No, the price per therm is levelling up
No benefit there, alas.

Perhaps you’re spending less on rent
You need some cause to cheer
Oh no, it’s up by nearly 6%
And that’s in just one year.

How about the costs of travel
Do you find you’re out of pocket?
The facts show they’re also levelling up
Yes, they’ve shot up like a rocket!

The inflation rate is going up
The cost of food could soar
Make the most of Christmas folks
Hard times for the working poor.

The policy’s in total disarray
Quite the opposite to what was said
And the plan for levelling up ?
It’s been turned right on its head.

So was ‘Levelling Up’ an empty slogan
To win some extra seats?
Were we sold a load of snake oil
By a peddler of deceits?

Image Credits: PJ McMullan .



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