Where to go recycling now?

Current RDC recycling at Jempsons car park

The Jempson’s  store has asked Rother District Council (RDC) to remove the recycling site from their supermarket car park in Rye. Presumably, Jempson’s need the extra parking space now they are charging for parking.

More seriously though, where does this leave the good citizens of Rye who want to recycle? There is one other recycling point in Rye, at the Rother District Council(RDC) car park at Gibbets Marsh. Where’s that I hear people saying.

It is on the left going out of Rye on Ferry Road just before the turning on the right, Mason Road, to Tilling Green. I know people miss the car park as I have observed it is not very well signed.

Currently at Jempson’s you can recycle paper, glass, textiles, books, plastic, cans  and cardboard etc. The site at Gibbets Marsh, though does not, at the moment, cater for textiles and books and  Gibbets Marsh is not really convenient for people from the east of town. Maybe RDC could consider making space in one of its other car parks, and I would like to suggest the car park in Cinque Ports Street.

Photo: Ray Prewer


  1. Shouldn’t we be pressing for better waste recycling facilities at our end of Rother? I took an obsolete printer to be recycled in the electrical bin at the recycling facility at Jempson’s Peasmarsh store. It was too big for the bin’s opening. So in order to give this printer an environmentally friendly departure in life, I have to drive over to the Mountfield tip? That’s 15 miles each way – 30 mile round trip – so not terrible environmentally friendly. And I’m fortunate in that I have a car, which is a prerequisite of using that facility.

  2. Its time Rye started to fightback against Jempsons store in Rye. It would seem that Jempsons have nothing but contempt for Rye residents and visitors alike. Apart from closing on Sundays they have now put a surcharge of a £1.00 if you want to go to the Post Office, buy a paper or make a small purchase in the shop between 09:00hr and 15:00hr. But we are now expected to pay just to pop in to use the recycling plant. This all seem to be a ploy by Jempsons to increase its revenue by levying a tax on the shoppers of Rye. As money seems to be behind the scheme i would suggest that all residents boycott the store especially those with cars.

  3. Rother District Council should have required Jempsons to retain some recycling facilities as a condition of granting planning permission for the store extension.
    They did not.
    When the Rother Environmental Group asked about this several years ago we were told that Gibbets Marsh was adequate.

    Recycling is now collected by Rother but not glass in central Rye.

    There needs to be a convenient location for glass recycling in Rye. Gibbets Marsh may be quite close but is not convenient. Rother should be asked to negotiate with Jempsons to retain at least glass recycling.

  4. Just as a matter of interest, has anyone noticed the CCTV camera now monitoring the Gibbets Marsh facility? Hadn’t seen it before – it’s been installed on a lamp-post on the railway side of the car park. The notice advising that CCTV is in operation is also attached to the lamp-post adjacent to the camera, presumably where nobody will notice it, rather than in the area of surveillance………..

  5. Good Morning All,

    Herewith a few comments with regard to the recycling centre in Rye.

    RDC were notified around 5 years ago that Jempson’s long term intention was to move the recycling facilities from this area.
    This decision has not been sprung on anybody.
    The main reason is to free up space for the store extension – permission for which has been granted.

    All recycling facilities will remain at Peasmarsh – where ample space is available for all types of recycling.

    Rother District Council supply bins for:
    • Newspapers and Magazines
    • Plastic Bottles and Cans
    • Bottles

    In addition Jempsons source bins for:
    • Books, CDs, DVDs, Computer Games
    • Small Electrical appliances
    • Clothes and Shoes
    • Christmas Cards in January

    And an area for Recycling Christmas Trees in January each year.

    Should any more information be required please contact me on mail@jempsons.com or by telephone on 01797 230 214 where we will be pleased to assist.

    Best wishes,

    Stephen Jempson

  6. May I point out that there was never a facility to recycle cardboard at Jempsons – nor is there one now at Gibbet Oak. Rother District Council would rather criminalise the public and threaten them with legal action rather than providing a service. Last weekend the car park was overflowing with rubbish. Disgusting.


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