I would have done it differently

Blocking the pavement

A Department for Transport traffic measuring device has been installed on the pavement on the A259 Winchelsea Road approaching Rye.

As shown in the photo, it is partially blocking the pavement. It could have been attached to the lamp post on the opposite side so it was positioned between the post and the fence, so leaving most of the pavement unobstructed.

Image Credits: Tony Roi .


  1. Can someone explain why this is wrong but it’s ok to park a car on the pavement which is now becoming the norm in Rye.
    Cinque Ports Street being a favourite, just out of interest if a disabled buggy runs along the side of a car parked on the pavement who’s liable?
    Surely the yellow lines were put there for a reason not just to give the line painter something to do.

  2. Its high time highways started painting red lines in the town,in places like cinques ports street opposite the diy and on the blind bed in south undercliffe, before there are serious accidents to pedestrians, and motorist, plus other areas should also be considered, west side of rope walk,outside of the dance centre by the mini roundabout,and on the corner of landgate,opposite what was john braggs antique shop, to keep traffic flowing,and for the safety of others


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