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Cyclists need to be seen

Thank you for bringing us your weekly roundup of news. It is much appreciated to keep in touch inside and outside lock down.

One matter I would like to mention which readers may appreciate:

I was driving home from Rye around 4:45pm, and I was concerned at seeing school children cycling in the dark with no lights or reflective clothing.

A youngster, possibly around 14, had a black coat, black trousers and shoes and no lights.  It was a miracle we saw him frankly.

I wondered whether there could be a notice in Rye News, reminding parents that their kids need to be protected on the roads.

Maybe schools can also be made aware to make small reflective strips available for school bags or bikes?

I would be willing to help get this off the ground as a campaign if necessary.

Image Credits: lherber / Pixabay https://pixabay.com/photos/bike-spokes-dark-mountain-bike-2232876/.


  1. How insane not to have any reflective provision on the bicycle and the person riding..
    It’s not only in the dark that cyclists and pedestrians can’t been seen it’s also when it’s begingbto get dark that is just as dangerous…
    May be it should be a mandatory part of the school uniform to make all the pupils are safe getting to and from where they are educated..
    The poor driver is put at an impossible disadvantage to see cyclist or pedestrian… even if the cyclist or pedestrian is near street lighting…
    A cautionary family history…my grandmother and grandfather were both killed as they crossed a road to get to their home it was at night and dressed in dark clothing. It was by a car…my grandmother was killed out right..Grandfather was in hospital for a week or two…My father was badly effected by this tragic event..just think they survived the WW1 and WW11 being bombed at least twice..
    So please seriously think about making sure you have reflective protection this winter..for your own sake and for the poor driver…

  2. Definitely worth starting a campaign. I am terrified in my car of hitting a cyclist especially children who sometimes feel they are invincible the way they cycle.
    I also ride my bike and am fearful of cars. We need more cycle paths as the roads around here are busy
    and we are not supposed to bike on the pavement.



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