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How to spoil our countryside for others

There are some people in the habit of hanging bags of dog excrement (dog poo) on bushes or fences along public paths. This photo is of a bag hanging on the fence along the path that leads from the Rye Creative Centre across the sheep fields towards the Camber road. It is a major foot and cycle path, much used by both locals and visitors.

It may help the offender’s memory to describe the exact location. The bag was hanging in the section beyond the sheep field, where one goes through a wicket gate and then proceeds on a tarmac path between the windsurfing lake on the right and a field of growing crops on the left.

Is this disgusting habit a local phenomenon? It’s pretty bad for public health too, as unsuspecting children might just grab the bag. What can be the mentality of the person who carefully wraps up the mess in a plastic bag, and then thinks it’s OK to place it on public view?

Do other readers find this disgusting?

Image Credits: Edward Mayer .


  1. Not only is this revolting, but what a legacy we are leaving to future generations! No doubt the bag pictured is not a biodegradable kind and even if put into a waste bins, will take decades to decompose. Is there not also a problem with methane build up on landfill waste sites? Surely better to ‘flick’ the poo under a hedge that to preserve itfor posterity in plastic? Perhaps the problem could be solved by training their thoughtless owners?

  2. Yes, I find it beyond reason for anyone to think this is acceptable!
    People should know , or understand, that dog excrement does not degrade in the same way as ‘Farmyard’ animals’ poo! If touched by humans it can cause serious health proplems, and why can people not clean up for themselves. We don’t have a culture of ‘untouchables’ doing the unsavoury jobs in this country!
    Dropping litter in the street or the countryside is also unacceptable. It is so easy to take your rubbish home with you!
    But leaving bags of dog poo for others to clear up is totally unacceptable. These people should be banned from owning dogs, as well as a hefty fine being imposed on them! But, how do you catch them at it?

  3. Who does this? Bags it up and hangs it on a fence! I had a rant on social media about a bagged deposit left on the cycle path from Gibbet Marsh, which I picked up and put in the bin for this antisocial, large dog owner.

    Who wouldn’t find it disgusting.

  4. I can assure readers that the abandonment of bagged dog poo in conspicuous places is by no means a local phenomenon. I remember in my childhood that dog poo was simply left on the streets where it was first deposited. To have required owners to collect and bag it off was a welcome move. But to leave it behind even bagged besmirching the countryside is unforgivable. It would appear to be a cynical ploy by some dog owners to make a point – “well, we may have to collect the poo and bag it off but we are certainly not going to take it home with us”. No, rather leave it for some other poor devil to have to collect it and dispose of it. Once upon a time we used to have something called dog licences. I cannot think why they were abandoned. Just as one has to go through so many hoops for example to adopt a child, then the same should apply to owning a dog. You must be seen to be a fit person to own and look after a dog properly. There has certainly been a proliferation of dogs since dog licences were abandoned. But too many of these creatures are potentially dangerous and are allowed to gallop around, often quite out of control.


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