Running for your money

Wendy Vu with Nhi, a little Vietnamese girl who needs a series of operations to help her cope with the aftermath of an acid attack

Thank you for running a story back in May 2015 about Nhi, the Vietnamese girl suffering from severe burns as a result of a vicious acid attack. The coverage received considerable attention and, as a result, we were able to raise £2550 which went towards the cost of essential operations to Nhi’s arm and neck.

A large proportion of this – £700 – was donated by Mr Beswick from the Park Lane Group.

However, there is a long way to go.  Nhi is badly scarred and blinded in one eye; in the remaining eye she only has  between 10% and 20% vision. In addition to eye surgery, Nhi will need more operations in her life which will require further funding.

Recently I discovered an amazing charity called Facing The World which helps children with facial disfigurement living in poor parts of the world.  I have approached the charity to see if it could help Nhi with future operations.

I am so  pleased to have found this charity for Nhi; however, the charity, if it agrees to help Nhi, will require funding from external sources. Consequently, on September 26 I am doing a Tough Mudder challenge in Winchester  to fund raise some money for this charity  as part of my support and appreciation.

It would be fantastic if you could donate funds towards this challenge through my Justgiving page so we can put a smile on these poor and vulnerable children’s faces.

I would be grateful if you could publicise this fundraising initiative. To this end, I attach images of Nhi and myself in Vietnam which, I am sure you will agree, will serve as a powerful accompaniment to your feature.

Wendy Vu