The three Vs

Tilling Green community (now vaccination) centre.

Looking at recent comments posted on Rye News it’s easy to understand the frustration for those “walking in” to the Rye Vaccination Centre (or at least attempting to) at Tilling Green only to find it closed. It’s also true that the providers of the vaccination service are not doing it for fun or out of the goodness of their hearts, it’s their job, they are being paid to provide a service and it’s a business.

The fact is a service is being provided in our town at a location which is easy to get to by foot or car and parking is both adequate and free but the service available is only as good as the ingredients required, namely the three Vs.

Firstly, without a reliable and regular supply of Vaccines there is nothing to offer, if the vaccines are delivered but there is a shortage of Vaccinators this will determine the speed the vaccines are administered and the third essential ingredient is the Volunteers, without whom the whole system fails.

As Anthony Kimber has pointed out in his comment recently, it is difficult to publicise the opening times of the vaccination centre a long way in advance as they are subject to all of the above, however their Facebook page @ryepfizer is updated regularly with opening times and/or updates. Granted not everyone uses or has access to Facebook but surely most of us know someone who does?

We now have the opportunity to get free vaccinations in the centre of Rye and at a time when we need it most, we now don’t have the inconvenience of having to travel out of our comfort zone to get the same service and opportunity and if the providers are getting paid for keeping us safe, good luck to them, after all they are not a charity.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


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