Too many boots in Boots?

Boots in Rye High Street

Over the last six months one of the most common sights in Rye was the never ending queue outside Boots the chemist, they are an essential part of Rye for residents and it was comforting to know they were doing their bit to keep us safe.

Not so anymore, Saturday morning was busy in Rye and social distancing of any kind wouldn’t have been possible even if you wanted it. There was no queue at Boots so it looked like a good opportunity to go in, a sign at the door stated no more than six customers at a time. But a look through the door showed that there were definitely more than six at the counter let alone those just browsing.

I asked a lady stacking shelves if it was OK to come in and she said they hadn’t got the staff to control it so no one was going to stop me.

It seems strange that the likes of Aldi, Tesco etc can control their footfall but a mainstream pharmacy can’t.

Image Credits: Kenneth Bird .


  1. I can’t believe you would think boots was the same as Tesco and Lidl for one they are much bigger stores and they have security on the door to monitor the people coming into the stores you are being really hard
    Rye has been so busy as everyone having Hoilday’s hear so much so really you was upset as you had to wait well we all have to do
    Why don’t you have a thought for the girls who have had to work all through this pandemic and the abuse they have had to deal with so feel you should apologise for your hard comments

  2. You’ve missed my point, Boots are a big firm and I didn’t have to wait which is the point I was making.
    I didn’t criticise the staff, I was criticising the firm for not having enough staff.
    Other shops in Rye had to employ more staff, the paper shop in Cinque Ports Street for one was told that if he didn’t control his footfall he would have to close.
    If anyone from Boots took my comment personally then I apologise but as I said my criticism was aimed at the what must be the biggest pharmaceutical outlet in this country.


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