CPE changes to come into effect

Line painting on an empty Rye High Street as a disabled parking bay is being installed outside Rye Art Gallery

Motorists flouting parking regulations in Rother will face action from East Sussex County Council when the authority takes control of enforcement later this month.

Powers to enforce parking restrictions across the district will officially transfer to East Sussex County Council from Sussex Police on Tuesday, September 29.

The county council, which already operates civil parking enforcement in three of the county’s five district and boroughs, applied for the powers in response to concerns about a lack of enforcement.

Councillor Claire Dowling, lead member for transport and environment, said: “Limited police resources meant there was often a lack of enforcement in Rother, which caused concern among residents and the district council.

“Following a legal process and approval from the Department for Transport, we will be able to introduce more rigorous enforcement and tackle some of the problem areas that are of the greatest concern to residents.”

She added: “As well as easing congestion caused by inconsiderate parking, the scheme can improve road safety, air quality and increase the turnover of parking spaces making it easier for visitors and shoppers to park.”

Formal traffic regulation orders for specific locations around the district were drawn up taking into account feedback from a consultation held last year.

The town council has already had to complain to East Sussex Highways about the quality of some of the new road markings

In preparation for the change, lines on roads across the district have been repainted, parking machines have been installed and signs have been erected in streets identified during the public consultation.

Details of the new parking arrangements, parking tariffs and how parking permits can be purchased have been shared with resident in streets where restrictions will be enforced.

More information about civil parking enforcement can be found at www.eastsussex.gov.uk/roadsandtransport/parking/controls/cpe/

Editor’s note: At the time of publication, Thursday, September 17, it was not clear that all affected residents had received the information mentioned in this press release.

Source: East Sussex County Council Press Release

Image Credits: Nick Forman , Rye Town Council .


  1. It’s depressing enough seeing architecturally beautiful old towns and villages blighted by modern road markings and endless street signs. But regards the photograph of the yellow stripes: why on earth should we also have to accept such lazy sloppy workmanship carried out by philistines .. is there really no pride in the work people do these days ?

    • Well…..bearing in mind the amount of people who didn’t move there vehicles as per instructions so line painting could be done…No wonder some of it was shoddy….


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