Where is Rother Council’s help?

Litter left on Saturday evening for the locals to enjoy

Saturday, June 20 was a beautiful day and, as expected, the town had many visitors as well as the bikers at Strand Quay. Some shops on the High Street were tentatively open and hopefully they had some customers shopping within the government’s guidelines – and the business community certainly needs a boost after such a long downturn.

The problem, though, is that while the town is providing a little more with the loosening of the lockdown, it is necessary to look after the visitors and locals which means the toilets need to be opened.

People have had to watch some unpleasant incidents of individuals relieving themselves in  various corners of Strand Quay. And I understand why they are shut. Toilets in Rye and Hastings have no attendants, as they do on Camber beach, to clean them from time to time during the day, because it costs money – which local councils should find in order to support the local economy when it attracts visitors.

Where is the Environment Agency when needed

On top of that, more bins are needed on Strand Quay where the land the bikers and visitors use to eat their fish and chips, as its a lovely spot, belongs to the Environment Agency. And the seagulls don’t help of course if they can get at the rubbish. But, once everyone has gone, locals like to stroll along the quay and sit to watch the sun go down and it is not pleasant to see the day’s rubbish which people have left behind.

[Editor’s note : Meetings were taking place as Rye News was published to address the issues of both the public conveniences and litter on Strand Quay, and better news is hoped for next week]

Image Credits: Heidi Foster .


  1. Please stop making excuses for the disgusting behavior of the visitors to our beautiful area, pretty sure they know there are no facilities as they probably do not have them open in the towns they come from.

  2. Quite right Reggie. It’s all chip packaging. Shouldn’t the Kettle o Fish have some sort of moral responsibility to pick up their litter whilst we all wait for larger/gull proof (yes they do exist) bins to appear? Some signage, stating the obvious, might also help.


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