Where’s my British food?


Rye is listed 13th as one of the best places to live in the South East of Britain. So says The Sunday Times. The newspaper says the modern world hasn’t made many inroads into the town. You don’t, after all, find the big name chains of supermarkets, shops or coffee shops in Rye. But I find that when it comes to eating out the town seems to be full of non-British eating establishments. There is a choice of Indian, Greek, French, Chinese, Turkish and Italian restaurants and takeaways. But in this Olde Englande corner there is little choice when it comes to British food restaurants. I can think of two fish and chip shops but, I suppose, there is always pub grub.

Dennis Leeds-George
East Guldeford
March 20 2014

 Letters Editor footnote: Dear reader, perhaps you should take another look around Rye. For example, there is the Landgate Bistro, The Mariners (where some praise the kippers), Hayden’s Coffee Shop which does brunch (including eggs Benedict or homemade chicken and mushroom pie), the Hope Anchor Hotel restaurant, The Union Steakhouse, Webbe’s at the Fish Cafe, the Ypres Castle Inn, The Runcible Spoon and The Mermaid. And while this isn’t steak and kidkey pie or roast beef, remember that so many of our town’s establishments also serve with pride: Rye scallops! That list, to be sure, is not complete and does not make mention of local tea rooms and cafes. Good eating!