A bit too diverting

Time for roadworks.

As we were driving out of Rye along Cinque Ports Street, there outside the Pipemakers Arms, aka Duty Free, stood a yellow road sign stating “Diversion Ends”. No further information was available and any direction down Wish Ward or Wish Street was optional.

There was another yellow sign at the far end of Tower Street, pointing the other way down Landgate. This was decidedly curious, so I decided to walk the streets as it were on foot this morning to assuage my curiosity. It was a shock to find my friend “Diversion Ends” had upsticked and gone and there were two new signs pointing to the Strand and down Ferry Road. I determined to follow! Past the Crown, round the Station Approach and up towards Landgate, the signs led me on, but why? All the motor vehicles pursued their way in blissful ignorance of any diversion whatsoever. There was no sign of roadworks in any direction, and the A259 was functioning as normal. I had to give up my divertimento in favour of morning breakfast – perhaps some other reader can solve the riddle.

Rather more unfortunate was the experience of a friend who set out last Saturday from Greatstone to Eastbourne. He saw a “Road Closed” sign at the start of New Winchelsea Road. No other information was available, so he journeyed on, up Winchelsea Hill and along the ridge to Icklesham, with no thought of danger. However, Nemesis struck at Icklesham, as his route was barred. Unfamiliar with the country lanes, and with no one to guide him, he decided to return home and waste his journey.

How useful it would be if our highways friends could improve their communication skills!

Kenneth Bird
March 20 2014


Photo: Tony Nunn

Image Credits: Seana Lanigan .