Worst parking nominee

Wheelchair accees denied?

Walking around Rye on Sunday morning and despite the devastation caused across the country by storm Dennis, Rye, or at least the town centre, seems to have escaped relatively unscathed. Its not surprising that the miserable weather kept people away, the town was understandably quiet except for the bars and coffee shops which, judging by their steamy windows had plenty of customers.

Fewer visitors meant fewer cars, fewer cars meant more space in the car parks for those who did come to Rye on Sunday. What puzzles me is why didn’t the vehicle parked on Hilders Cliff featured in the photographs park in a legitimate parking space, after all there were plenty of them?

Half on half off, either way it shouldn’t be there.

Instead the driver decided to park on double yellow lines, the whole of the vehicle not just some of it, nothing new about that in Rye I know but the driver also chose to park half on the pavement too, brilliant!

As I took the photograph I saw the young family (in photo below) who were walking along the footpath break into single file in order to get past it. As far as I could see the vehicle was not displaying a blue badge but even if it were, parking on the pavement still isn’t permitted as far as I know? If the vehicle had broken down surely the hazard lights would be operating, if the driver had been dropping off or collecting from Rye Lodge Hotel they might have also left hazard lights on but no, so I assumed the vehicle had been parked there deliberately.

A young family negotiating the space in single file

If there were a competition for the worst parker in Rye, surely this driver would be nominated on two counts, firstly for failing to notice the double yellow lines and secondly for deeming it acceptable to park on the pavement making it difficult for pedestrians and large vehicles (perhaps emergency vehicles) to pass easily.

Maybe you have seen other contenders? Send in your entries and lets see who the competitors are, after all, there must be a huge number of hopefuls who could potentially scoop up this highly sought after award, they are about on a daily basis, you don’t have to look hard!

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


  1. The car is from Birmingham according to the number plate. So you caught out a tourist who may have been arriving at the Rye Lodge. I’m not sure this is a competition RyeNews needs to enter. How long was it there and did it really matter if it was just a few minutes. A local would have parked on the double yellows but completely on the road and it would not have mattered, a fire engine would still fit past, they would do a quick errand and be gone before being noticed. Anyone remember the old ice cream van, can he soon return if he pays for a ticket?.
    In the near future parking tickets will be issued and people won’t be back both visitors and locals so I wouldn’t worry about photographing cars, there soon won’t be any.

  2. One of my frequent moans in Rye and contributor to FB Parking like a muppet in Rye.
    Obviously this on/off pavement parking is inconvenient and dangerous for buggies, wheelchairs and disabled people, requiring walking in the potholed road.
    The most irritating thing is it’s completely unnecessary. If the vehicle is left completely on the road, it wouldn’t block the pavement and, in most roads, would not impair other vehicles passing.
    Hopefully Parliament will find time to pass the Parking on Pavements Act.


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