Seven tonnes find new homes

Swap shop at St Mary's Centre

The latest swap shop event at St Mary’s Centre on Saturday October 28 saw no fewer than 192 people coming in to deliver and collect unwanted household stuff for recycling.  This was the largest number since May 2015,  probably due to it being during half-term and various visitors to the town coming in. Of the total 509kg brought in, 215kg was taken by people (about 700 items), 196kg was sent to charity shops (including a lot of books going on to a sale at the church) 52kg to recycling and 48kg to landfill.

Our cumulative total since 2012 is now over 11 tonnes brought, of which 7 tonnes was taken and 2.5 tonnes went to charity shops, leaving one tonne for recycling and 0.7 tonnes to landfill.

Swap shops for next year are as follows:
January 20 (Tilling Green)
May 12 (St Mary’s)
September 22 (Tilling Green)
November 3 (St Mary’s)

Photo: Kenneth Bird


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