Chim chim in Rye chim chim in Rye

A performance at the Ypres Tower loosely based on EF Benson's "Mapp and Lucia"

This year’s bank holiday production by the drama group is Ma-Rye Poppins, a musical extravaganza about shenanigans in high places in a small town. The weekend’s performances will start at 6.30pm on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 on the green by the Ypres tower. There is no formal seating but the walls nearby get filled up very quickly so if you have an easily portable seat it might be worth bringing it along.

The company was founded in 1990 to perform outdoor drama and the standard is always top notch. Their shows feature vaguely recognisable tales about historical, if not hysterical, figures but told from a very Rye point of view. This year the audience can expect scintillating songs and a very large spoonful of humour together with a cleverly aimed barb or two – no one is safe from the mix of biting wit and unalloyed sarcasm. And no doubt there will be a bloomin’ atrocious cockney accent thrown in for your delectation and delight. So come along to the green on one or both evenings to be entertained by a hugely enjoyable piece of live theatre. All together now: “Its a jolly holiday with Ma-Rye…”

The shows are free to watch but there will be collections taken from those who enjoy the performance.

Image Credits: Tony McLaughlin .