What lurks beneath?

Beware, the forces of evil are in Rye this summer

Towards the Quayside end of the Mint, an ordinary door leads into a magical kingdom. Over the summer, hundreds of children and some brave adults will venture in to attend the School of Wizards and Witches run by World of Legend.

The first set of classes, entitled “Evil of the Jinn” has already started and runs until August 6. This involves a trip to Arabia, with magic, monsters and mystery. The scare level is 7/10 so beware.

Any survivors are able to go to the next stage. “Shadow of the Vampire” starts on August 8 and is rated 8/10 in scariness. This class involves a missing girl and a strange old castle.

“Curse of the Scarlet Sorcerer” is the final lesson, starting on August 15. An elf is missing and pupils must travel to the mysterious tower and stop the evil Scarlet Sorcerer. Despite the terrifying subject matter, this class is rated 6/10 in scary points.

Finally a revision class of “Evil of the Jinn” will run from August 26.

The minimum age for scholars is 6, and all 6-16 year olds require a paying adult to attend with them. Tickets are available from World of Legend.

Image Credits: Oliver McNeil .


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