A bang in the night

Move here at your peril

Anne Grainger was woken by a loud bang in the very early morning last week to discover that a length of cladding had fallen off her outside wall (shown above) past the French windows and on to the patio – which could have been quite dangerous had it happened during the day.

The house is in Valley Park, a large new development on the edge of Rye and new homes are normally covered by a 10 year warranty covering defects. However many, if not most, of the homes there have cladding, and Rye News is looking into whether there have been other cases – and, if so, how many.

Image Credits: Anne Grainger .


  1. I cannot believe you’re making a news item out of a piece falling off someone’s house, surely this is a simple case of a fault being rectified between the builder, owner and an insurance company.

  2. Why is it Silly? It appears there are a few homes there that this has happened to ..could have fallen on someone, or a child that could be in hospital now …and you think that is silly? If it was on you or one of your family would you be that flippant


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