An ordeal continues


A local cat sanctuary hit national headlines last week when it was inundated by a pack of fox hounds.
The Celia Hammond Animal Trust in Brede is home to around 130 unwanted and abandoned rescue cats. The Trust reported on their Twitter account and website that “on Tuesday January 9 at 4pm a pack of uncontrolled Fox hounds in full cry ran through the sanctuary in pursuit of a fox and a deer forcing resident cats, who live freely in the grounds, to flee for their lives”. At the time of writing six cats were still missing, three of which are 15 years old and toothless, and the Trust is ‘losing hope’ that they will return.
“The events were extremely traumatic for our resident animals and shocking and distressing for our staff and volunteers” said Celia Hammond.
The Celia Hammond Animal Trust, a registered charity, was established by Celia Hammond, a former 60’s model who gave up her career to rescue cats after witnessing the plight of stray cats on the streets of London. The sanctuary is located in 100 acres and for the last 30 years has provided a safe permanent home to rescued cats. The Trust also has two low cost veterinary clinics and cat rescue centres in London.
The Trust has lodged a complaint with the police and the East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt. Sussex Police said “We are now investigating the incident at Celia Hammond Animal Trust, which potentially involves a number of complex areas of law, including dog legislation and the Hunting Act. If criminal offences are identified, we will move forward with a view to prosecution.”

Photo: Celia Hammond Animal Trust

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  1. This is a totally unforgivable incident. If the MFH and sidekicks can’t keep the pack under control they shouldn’t be allowed to hunt.
    It’s well documented that hounds will rip a cat to pieces. I dread to think what may have happened to the six missing cats.
    Let’s hope the police (actually the CPS) take the appropriate steps to prosecute the East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt as they so deserve.


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