Bikers, boats and bank holidays

Migrants arrive at Pett Level

Next Monday, May 25, is the spring bank holiday, and currently the forecast is for a sunny day with temperatures perhaps reaching up into the twenties after a mixed, but warm, weekend of sun and cloud, with possibly some light showers.

And, possibly, the bikers will be back on Strand Quay and, possibly, Rother District Council will have opened the public conveniences, and possibly the bank holiday – like other bank holidays – will bring crowds of cars streaming down from London heading for Camber Sands, until the point where traffic comes to a standstill. And, as high tide is at lunchtime, the available beach space may get a bit crowded.

And, possibly, the coronavirus which has raged around much of London will reach here, and possibly yet another small boat, or two, or more will come ashore at Pett Level as it has before (see top photo).

But the lockdown imposed when the coronavirus pandemic came to the UK is being slowly lifted in stages by the prime minister so all things are possible.

Just one of those days in Camber

But this week’s edition, apart from carrying a lot of views in “Latest Comments” particularly about our previous stories “Camber battens down the hatches” and “What is the point?“, features a number of areas of concern.

Visitors are returning, but they are not always welcome – and some may be extremely unwelcome.

The bikers on Strand Quay have not made themselves very popular, and apparently a petition is circulating asking the Environment Agency to close their Strand Quay car park to these visitors.

More “boat people” have arrived at Pett Level, and previous arrivals have got two very different responses.

But the main news on Wednesday, the hottest day so far this year, which got a mention on BBC South East’s news, was the flood of cars into Camber – after what had been a comparatively quiet weekend – and, possibly, this coming bank holiday Monday will see more of the same.

Image Credits: Dietlind Löffler , John Zammo Barlow .


  1. When is Rye Town Council going to take a stand on the bikers – the noise is deafening and the speeds they ride at are unbelievable (not all of them but way to many). I know the TC have no effective powers over traffic but at least let us know you agree the town is really suffering with this very anti social behavior – press the Police, Highways, Rother and ESCC – fight for us!
    Also make some suggestions on how to boast Rye economic activity – here’s my suggestion: close the High Street to traffic 6 pm to midnight or later – and let vendors have food and drinks for sale – outdoor dining – its in the fresh air and would be a great attraction to locals and visitors.

  2. I agree with BMW about closing the High Street to traffic but I think it should be all day with selected times for shop deliveries etc .The High Street is narrow so by doing this the shops could open & people can still socially distance themselves.


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