Donny the donkey’s baby born


Undercliff Pony Rescue is delighted to announce the safe and healthy arrival of the mule foal whose birth was predicted earlier.

Owner Sharon Baker had gone to a great deal of trouble and expense to prepare a maternity stable, and had planned to stay there herself with the vet on alert, to support the Exmoor mare, Kitty. The stable was warm and cosy, with every possible comfort for the birth of Donny’s foal.

Baby Donny on his feet at one day old

Sharon didn’t know the exact date of the arrival, and as we know these things happen in their own time. In the early hours of April 8, Kitty had her foal in the field. Kitty knew what to do alone and unassisted. Her instincts took over and she was absolutely fine. The mule colt is perfectly well and healthy and began feeding from his mother within a short while.

Sharon is absolutely delighted at the safe and healthy arrival of Undercliff Pony Rescue’s first ever home-bred foal. Donny the donkey, who unexpectedly fathered the foal at 29 years old, is nonplussed and behaving as usual.

Donny II is running and skipping about doing a good impression of the lambs around Rye at the moment! He is a lovely sight to see and brings pleasure to everyone who passes by or visits.

Sharon is overwhelmed by the support and good wishes shown towards Undercliff Pony Rescue which is so very appreciated. Baby Donny will be featured on her website and you can offer a gift towards his support if you wish.

Image Credits: Sharon Baker .

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  1. Yesterday we went to have a look at this dear little new addition. What a beauty he is too. Healthy and full of life.
    We were lucky enough to have a nice chat with the amazing lady, Sharon, who has devoted her life to rescuing equines. We also met the unassuming Dad, Donny, who seems totally unaffected by fatherhood at such a mature age!
    We will definitely go back and watch this little chaps progress, armed with carrots and a few ginger nut biscuits, any donkeys favourite


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