Grades reflect true ability

Rye College students display their GCSE results

Completing secondary school during a pandemic is cause for celebration whoever you are, but amidst a year of school closures and having to adapt to digital education, all students should be proud of their achievements this week, no matter their A-Level results.

Rye College students received their GCSE results this week based upon Teacher Assessed Grades, the government’s approach to awarding qualifications based only on what students have been taught.

A healthy number of Grade 9’s were awarded, the highest grade available, with Beatrice Marini achieving six such grades, Bella Curtis and Polly Goodwin achieving five apiece, and Freya Starkey awarded three Grade 9’s.

Despite a turbulent year for students, the results reflect the college’s determination to minimise the impact of the pandemic on their education.

Dom Downes, Head of College, said: “Our students have shown incredible resilience over the last year during unprecedented challenges. Their impressive achievements rightly ensure they can progress to the next level of their education.

“Teachers, who know their students best, have been trusted and supported to ensure young people receive a grade based upon what they have covered and not on what they may have missed. In a time of such uncertainty, this has delivered the fairest grades possible.”

Image Credits: Rye College .