Homes for Ukraine

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We have started delivering the welcome grants and bus passes to Ukrainian guests. Naturally this is being well received by Ukrainians in the local district, who are settling into their new environment. There are currently eleven formally registered but another ten awaiting registered status.

Yesterday, I met Lludmyla, who had been evacuated from Mariupol, separated from her friends and family, but despite her experience, was now enjoying walks in the Rye Harbour Nature Reserve! She was emotionally grateful for British hospitality and her generous hosts in Winchelsea Beach.

Others to be visited today include families in Beckley and Northiam. There are other new arrivals in Rye settling in and beginning to network with fellow Ukrainians.

The Rye Group of Homes for Ukraine, operating on behalf of local authorities, has developed a series of procedures for welcoming and supporting guests. Once a few more have arrived then we plan to meet together at the Baptist church to enable hosts and guests to get to know each other.

Anyone with questions about the scheme, or prepared to help with support, should contact through our Facebook page.

Image Credits: UK Government .


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