In? Out? Or vote again?

People in Rye want to remain in the European Union and would welcome a fresh opportunity to express their opinions on the subject: that conclusion stood out in a consultation carried out on a windy and frequently wet Saturday.

Brexitometer results

Passers by braved the windchill to record their opinions on a sheet called a “Brexitometer” by placing stickers against a variety of choices, including a no deal Brexit, a negotiated Brexit, remaining in a reformed EU, and having a further vote.

It was notable that people seemed eager to participate from all sides of the debate. As well as strong support for remain and a people’s vote, another pattern was that leave supporters, contrary to media reports, were not generally hostile to a people’s vote, only about a fifth of them being so. So a people’s vote did not emerge as divisive, despite public allegations to the contrary.

Amongst leave supporters there seemed a degree of anxiety, and a loss of the confidence and enthusiasm shown after the referendum, although one person expected that a no deal Brexit would bring back the “bulldog spirit”. Among leavers, anxiety about immigration continued, while remainers stressed the EU’s contribution to peace and British prosperity. remainers were disturbed by the threat of a no deal Brexit, as were some leavers.

The event was organised by the 1066 branch of the European Movement which has also conducted Brexitometers in other locations in the area, with similar results. The Brexitometer was set up by volunteers who arrange meetings and other activities. From varied backgrounds, they share a conviction that staying in the EU will benefit the country and its inhabitants. The European Movement was set up after the war to endorse the progress towards European co-operation advocated by Winston Churchill, its first Honorary President.

Image Credits: Simon van der Slikke .

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  1. You cannot reform from the inside as you do not get a say or even a vote on anything. Everything is decided for you. That is the whole issue of the EU

  2. The EU and George Soros funded European Movement wheel out their ‘Barometer’ again and from the little dots stuck on by a few supporters declare, “People in Rye want to remain in the European Union.” Really? No one in Rye supports democracy?

    I was rather encouraged to read Soros’s comment that the EU was fast morphing into the USSR (A view expressed years ago by Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev), plainly this warning has had no effect on the European Movement. Rather than falsely claiming that Churchill supported their United States of Europe they should understand his record as a democrat. Indeed that is the real question: the European Movement does not support democracy – what does it want? What is its preferred method of government? Is ‘appointment’ of Martin Selmayr their idea rule of the people but not for or by them?

    We have had over three years of unrelenting anti UK propaganda from the BBC, most Media, the CBI, Bank of England, Treasury and the Multi Nationals + Soros Blair funded anti democracy organisations like the European Movement. Despite that the UK is the fastest growing G7 economy in Europe. ( 2018 annual figures UK: 1.3, Germany: 0.7, France: 1.0, Italy: 0.1 EZ: 1.2) I wonder where we could have been if instead of sabotaging us all the above had accepted democracy and worked together to create the new vibrant Global Britain the majority voted for.

  3. I hope the first question that was asked was are you a resident of Rye or a visitor. Only if all the “voters” were residents of Rye can the statement “people in Rye want to remain” – I suspect this was a flawed poll!

  4. We had the largest turnout in any election with the referendum. The MAJORITY vote was OUT. I really thought I was lucky enough to live in a democratic country. Our democratic rights are at stake. We can not keep voting until the MINORITY get their way. Best of three?! If we were forced into staying in the EU we would have to abide by joining the eurozone by 2020, and we all know how the euro has been performing. Join the EU army and continue putting up with the constant bullying of those unelected who head this gravy train. All that without taking into consideration the many other reasons for leaving the sinking ship.
    Get us out now!

    • It is always good to debate the issues, but it is always useful to have the facts.
      Largest Turnout….”It was 1950 – 83.9%”
      Force to join the Eurozone 2020…..incorrect….the UK has been given an opt out since 1992 Maastricht Treaty
      The EU is a democratic body. The EU Commission functions like our Civil Service, in that they carry out the policies agreed by the 28 Countries, and the European Parliament, for which elections are due to be held this year.
      If we are to have an informed debate about our national interests, then please can we at least have the correct facts, to inform opinion.

  5. Surely Martin Blincow knows that facts are optional these days! The truth is whatever I choose to believe and/or whatever best suits my agenda.

  6. The average turnout at all general elections since 1918 through to and including 2017 was 72.9%. The turnout at the 2016 referendum was 72.21%, which makes it pretty much an average turnout!

  7. There was no provision for leaving the EU until A50 process was included in the Lisbon Treaty. The EU is governed by a commission consisting of nominated members. They meet in private and no minutes are taken – there is no democratic control and the EU parliament has limited powers, further hampered by the list bloc system.

    If the EU is democratic then they would have put their plans honestly to the people. They have never done so and have ignored every single democratic vote that they disagreed with. We had a people’s vote and decided to leave. It is extraordinary that our democracy is under attack in the way it is. The question was always simple. Do you want to be part of a Political, Economic and Monetary Union (A New Country) that requires you to give up, for yourself and your descendants, your sovereign right to consent to law, elect governments directly answerable to you and return your sovereign rights to you undiminished at the end of each parliament. The answer from the democratic Leave side has always been 100% clear. I have never heard an EU supporter do anything other than pretend that the EU is trade association. Indeed the remain campaign refused to debate the political EU because they knew that support for it is vanishingly small. We took a decision in 2016 and it is high time that this fruitless bickering stopped and EU supporters accepted democracy. The exciting project of building the new Global Britain requires all of us to work together.

  8. Exciting Global Britain
    Yes you are right Mr wood let’s build a Exciting Global Britain and work together we done it before so let’s do it again.
    Mrs May don’t stand any more nonsense from these Eu ministers I believe you have been bullied enough.
    if you get no more joy from them just walk away.
    Don’t forget many of your fellow MPS from the main 2 parties were elected by the electorate on manifestos pledging to deliver on the referendum results to leave the EU
    You said that leaving the single market. leaving the customs union,leaving the jurisdiction of the European courts and returning the power to make the uks laws to decide immigration policy ,and negotiate our own deals.
    You wasn’t elected by the Japanese car manufacture you wasn’t elected by the Eu but by the British people just walk away remember France alone exports millions and millions of euro to the uk so they want a deal Germany sells more cars to us then any other European state.we are already negotiating trade deals outside of Europe also don’t forget the 39 billion pounds we won’t have to pay.
    It also seems to me that many MPS have forgotten what we voted them to do for us
    Some think they know best others are just scaremongering
    So if there’s a no deal by the 29 of March let’s just walk away
    If you MPS can’t negotiate a deal that delivers on your promise to the electorate then you’ll have to take us out of the EU with no deal so MPS stop whinging and wriggling and stop scaring everyone into submission and MPS don’t forget at the next election you may not be voted for a place in parliament so MPS stop sulking and vote for a no deal if our prime minister gets rejected again then they say let’s have another referendum what will that prove thay say the referendum was nearly 3 years ago and the young then voted with more young people could vote now, but doesn’t that mean the same with a general election what nonsense.
    As one of our readers say a mr michael wood


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