Jempson’s keeps delivering

Jempson’s Home Delivery Driver Garry.

Independent family owned supermarket Jempson’s has stated that it will continue with the home delivery service it introduced during Covid-19 on a permanent basis.

Stephen Jempson said: “We started our home delivery service from scratch and within a week of lockdown”. He continued, “The team had a monumental task and have done a phenomenal job. We started with nothing initially, and now we have the makings of slick service, in many cases delivering to customers within 24 hours of ordering.”

The service has been exceedingly popular and has proved to be a lifeline to those in need and unable to leave their homes.

Stephen added: ” You will shortly be seeing Jempson’s Home Delivery vans in the area and you will also have the option to order home deliveries on the internet. This will be an additional service, and those that wish to continue sending in their requests by email or telephone can still do so. This will be rolled out in the coming weeks”.

He concluded: “I can’t let this opportunity pass without expressing my thanks to all our customers for the letters and telephone calls of appreciation, also the social media posts. It means so much to us! Thank you!”

Source: Jempson’s

Image Credits: Jempson's .


  1. Sad to see no mention of those that did the delivery through the lock down, initially working from 9am until 7pm on occasions so as not to disappoint those in need.
    Good effort to all those involved.

  2. Jempson’s new Home Delivery Service is indeed a wonderful boon to those of us of a certain age. Particularly commendable is the efficiency of the whole process of placing and getting the order: designed to be clear, simple and helpful throughout.


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