Maintenance of flood defences

Rye Strand Flood Defence Work

Work has started by the Environment Agency on the maintenance of the brickwork of the concrete flood defence wall at the north west corner of the Strand. This work will tackle leaks that occur at very high tides, resulting in water passing under and through the wall contributing to surface water on the A259 during periods when high tidal and river water coincides with extreme rainfall.

Some living locally will also know that in the same area, the sewage system tends to “overload” during extreme rainfall, contaminating the surface water. The issue of sewage in surface water flooding, along with the wider scale issue of raw sewage (illegally) pumped into the rivers and sea by Southern Water, for which it was fined £90million, was raised by the author at the latest Southern Regional Flood and Coastal Committe meeting. It will be now be the subject of more detailed committee work with Southern Water.

Dr Anthony Kimber leads the local community resilience team (REACT) and is an independent member of the Southern Regional Flood and Coastal Committee which sets priorities for flood risk management across the South.

Image Credits: Dr Anthony Kimber .


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