Meet the bikers

Steve Mallett (left) and Julian Quinton representing Motorcycle Action Group at Strand Quay.

Motorcylists in and around Rye have always been the topic of much conversation over recent years and Rye News has run many stories on the bikers which, in turn has prompted many of our readers to submit their comments and opinions and many bikers have had the same opportunity to respond to the comments and put their side of the story forward.

Some time ago, I arranged to meet Steve Mallet at Strand Quay, Steve is the South East Region Representative for MAG (Motorcyclist Action Group) who wanted to see (and hear) what was happening at Strand Quay, mainly at weekends. Following our meeting I published an article, Motorbikes, decibels and locals last year and then followed it up with a further article on the subject entitled Speeding Bikers, being proactive which prompted another barrage of comments from our readers.

Everyone was given an equal opportunity to take part in a voluntary action group by setting up speed cameras and reporting any offending biker to the relevant authorities. Sadly, despite the sense of feeling on the subject, nobody came forward to offer their services.

There is now another chance for you to have your say and do something positive to help as the long heralded “Meet the Bikers” PR event will take place on Strand Quay on Sunday, September 26. Steve Mallett will be setting up at 9:30am and should be ready to meet people by 10.

We expect to see “Biker down” teams from Kent and Sussex fire and rescue,
an advanced motorcyclist group and a police motorcyclist and representatives from MAG in their well known publicity gazebo.

I understand representatives from Rye Town Council will be putting in an appearance during the day and hopefully this joint initiative will help to allay some of our locals concerns and give them the opportunity to make their feelings known.

The bikers are throwing down the gauntlet and taking the initiative to do something to placate the locals and improve the image of bikers visiting the area, so if you want to help to make a difference, be there on the day and hopefully the relationship between Rye residents and visiting bikers will improve as a result.

Image Credits: Nick Forman .


  1. Unfortunately I will be in the New Forest at the time of this event but would welcome the opportunity to engage with MAG and discuss some of the recent issues at Strand Quay – most notably anti-social and dangerous riding by a minority and an ever increasing problem with bikes being ridden along and parked on the pavement blocking pedestrian passage and sight lines at the Zebra crossing. Let’s hope MAG and local parties can develop some strategies to address the issues for the mutual benefit of all.

  2. Personally I think this is a much wider problem than just a local one, the disparity between noise issued from a car or large vehicle and a two wheeled vehicle is disproportionate and should be tackled by central government.
    Everyone agrees that excess noise is harmful to health and should be reduced as much as possible.
    I watch every Sunday morning as groups of two or three motorcyclists line up at the bend of the Lydd road leading to Lydd and practice their skills at going as fast as possible around the bends of that road, this normally goes on all day. Are these the bikers who use strand quay? I doubt it.

  3. Somewhere along the line there has been some confusion about the purpose of the event on 26 September. It has been organised by Rye Town Council to enable a range of statutory bodies and motorcycle groups to engage with the bikers who park up at Strand Quay in order to encourage safe and responsible riding. It is not a ‘PR’ event – the intended audience is the biker community and not members of the general public!

  4. As R Bailey has stated the problem is far wider than a local one or what goes on at Strand Quay. Unless there is a lot of unruly behaviour at Strand Quay I see little point in meeting the bikers who are more than likely the responsible ones. What needs to happen is for the responsible bikers to spend a few hours around Military Road, Rye Hill and various other locations. Then they will witness what so many others have to suffer.
    I’ve never been to Strand Quay at the weekend, I have no need to. I have no idea what the bikers get up to there apart from admire each others polished bits and bobs. But I do live in Rye and can hear the noise of bikers far exceeding the noise and speed limit of the majority of cars, lorries, etc, all around me. It’s selfish attention seeking noise pollution with no consideration for others.

  5. I have asked many times for a police presence on Military Road on sunny weekend days. I have had polite responses from liaison officers, but have never seen an officer observing (much less stopping and ticketing), the dozens and hundreds of incredibly noisy motorcycles roaring in from Appledore way at speeds far exceeding the speed limit, and, an hour later, roaring out again along New Road, Winchelsea Road, or Rye Hill. The riders may be behaving with perfect decorum when parked on the Strand, but roughly half of them routinely break speed laws and decibel-level laws when getting there. Very frustrating that their nice day out has such a negative impact on my nice day at home.

  6. As you say Nick if people are concerned about bikers this is an opportunity to for them to meet and have a discussion and to try and pave a way forward! I must say I can’t believe there were NO volunteers for the action group!!! Surely this would have been another opportunity to try and resolve the problem rather than the continual negative comments which continue! I hope it all goes well on Sunday for both sides!!


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