Rural Candidates for District Council


Boundary changes since the last elections for Rother District Council (RDC) may cause some confusion, but candidates for some of the other RDC seats near Rye include the following:

Southern Rother has five candidates for two seats –

Roger Bird, (Conservative) has lived in Fairlight for over 60 years and was first elected to the RDC in 2001.

Chris Saint (Conservative) has chaired the local magistrates bench as chairing the local Parish Council.

Elaine Lee (Labour) lives in Guestling, and is active in the local Methodist Churches and Christians Against Poverty.

Nick Warren (Labour) lives in Icklesham, is a parish councillor and secretary of Icklesham Trust and a Senior Street Pastor.

Andrew Mier (Lib Dems), a retired lawyer, has chaired Fairlight Parish Council and opposes the Wakeham’s Farm development in Fairlight.

Eastern Rother has four candidates for two seats –

Sally-Anne Hart has been a Rother Councillor since 2015 and since 2016 has been the
cabinet member for the Public Realm, Culture and Tourism. A lawyer, she has been a magistrate for 14 years and is a school governor.

Paul Osborne (Conservative) has been a Rother Councillor since 2007 and is a local builder. He chairs Rother’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Bob Ball (Labour) is a retired scientist, lives in Pett Level, is very interested in the environment, and a volunteer at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.

Sue Schlesinger (Lib Dems) has been a governor at Rye College and chaired the governors at Rye Studio School , and is the box office for Peasmarsh Chamber Music Festival and a volunteer at Hastings International Piano Competition.

Brede and Udimore has one seat with five candidates –

Wayne Andrews (UKIP) says UKIP are passionate about eliminating the waste of your
money, and the election is an opportunity to deliver a stark reminder that ordinary people cannot be ignored.

James Cakebread (Labour), a retired builder, has made Rye his home for 25 years, and wants to see a 100% council tax reduction for the poorest Rother residents.

Derek Greenup (Lib Dems), a retired headteacher, is appalled at the lack of investment in local services by the current government and wants to build harmonious communities.

Ian Jenkins (Independent) , a local resident, has been a District Councillor for 16 years but felt increasingly that politics was entering local issues – and wants to embrace more the community he wishes to serve.

Jonathan Johnson (Conservative) has been a Rother Councillor for 16 years, has chaired the council for the past year, and comes from a farming background.



Image Credits: Rye News library .

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